Geothermal Research Institutions: FRANCE


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French Geological Survey (BRGM)


Main geothermal research topics:

  • Enhancement of conventional reservoirs and deployment of unconventional reservoirs
  • Geothermal heat in urban areas
  • Exploration techniques (including resource prediction and exploratory drilling)
  • Improvement of performance (conversion to electricity and direct use of heat)
  • Materials, methods and equipment to improve operational availability (high temperatures, corrosion, scaling)
  • Advanced drilling/well completion techniques
  • Integration of geothermal heat and power in the energy system and grid flexibility

Laboratories/Sites :


Philippe Calcagno ( )





University of Strasbourg


Main geothermal research topics:

  • Geophysical reservoir monitoring (including triggered and induced seismicity)
  • Geo-mechanics
  • THMC modelling
  • Fluid-rock interaction and hydro-geochemical interactions under reservoir conditions
  • Social perception and citizen science
  • Data management and data access via the EPOS TCS-AH affiliated Data Centre for Deep Geothermal Energy (


Jean Schmittbuhl (