EERA Geothermal has organised its work within eight subprogrammes:

  • SP1 Assessment of Geothermal Resources (coordinator: Eugenio Trumpy, CNR)
    1. Interdisciplinary 3D geothermal knowledge
    2. Performance estimates
    3. Implementation of European Geothermal Information System/Platform
  • SP2 Exploration of Geothermal Reservoirs (coordinator: Jan Diedrik van Wees, TNO)
    1. Conceptual models
    2. Imaging
    3. Natural laboratories
  • SP3 Constructing Geothermal Wells (coordinator: Erlend Randeberg, NORCE)
    1. Improvement of conventional drilling and horizontal drilling for geothermal scenarios
    2. Development of novel drilling methods
    3. Development of novel well completion/logging concept
  • SP4 Resource Development  (coordinator: Martin Saar, ETHZ)
    1. Hydraulic, Thermal and/or Chemical Stimulation
    2. Effect of engineering operations in superheated and supercritical water systems
    3. Induced microseismicity
    4. Alternative engineered geothermal systems
    5. Numerical Simulators
  • SP5 Energy Conversion Systems (coordinator: Paola Bombarda, POLIMI)
    1. Component improvement
    2. Underground thermal energy storage
    3. System and network integration, modelling and optimization
  • SP6 Operation of Geothermal Systems (coordinator: Thomas Kohl, KIT)
    1. Sustainability of reservoir and environmental risk
    2. Longevity of materials
    3. Socio-economics
  • SP7 Sustainability, Environment and Regulatory Framework (coordinator: Francesco Rizzi, SSSUP)
    1. Business models
    2. Socio-economic and environmental evaluations
    3. Social acceptance
  • SP8 Computing and Data Management (coordinator: Florian Wellmann, RWTH)
    1. Sustainable data management
    2. Data Science in Geothermal Energy applications
    3. Numerical simulation, parameter estimation and inversion
    4. Geothermal HPC