Geothermal Research Institutions: ITALY



Italian National Research Council


Main geothermal research topics: 

  • Geothermal Resource characterization and potential assessment
  • Geothermal resource exploration by geological, hydrogeological, geophysical, geochemical methods
  • Fluid-rock and hydro-geochemical interactions under reservoir conditions
  • THCM modelling
  • Environmental impact and monitoring


  • Geophysical (MT, geothermics) labs
  • Fluid (gases and liquid) and rock analyses labs, including isotopic
  • Experimental mineralogy and petrology lab
  • Fluid inclusions lab
  • Numerical simulation labs for thermal, geomechanical-rheological, reservoir condition


Adele Manzella (

Eugenio Trumpy (




Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies (SSUP/SSSA)


Main geothermal research topics: 

  • Social acceptance: Public perceptions and Practices for stakeholder involvement and engagement
  • Business model innovation and Entrepreneurial dynamic
  • Socio-economic and environmental evaluations: Environmental performance, Comparative LCA and LCC and other Integrative sustainability assessments


Fabio Iannone  (


salo UniFI                                                       

University of Florence


Main geothermal research topics: 

  • Models of Geothermal Energy Processes (surface equipment, power cycle, reinjection wells,…)
  • CFD multiphase flow (steady, transient)
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Exergy, Exergo-economic and Exergo-Environmental analysis
  • Novel power technologies (ORCs, CO2, Synfuels, Energy Storage)


Giampaolo Manfieda (