Geothermal Research Institutions: SWITZERLAND


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University of Bern


Main geothermal research topics:

  • Reactive-transport THC simulations of rock–water–material interactions
  • Experiments on mineral reactions during heat storage
  • 3D Structural & tectonic studies of orogenic geothermal systems
  • Geological and hydrochemical assessment of geothermal potential in deep aquifers




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University of Fribourg


Main geothermal research topics:

  • Tectonics, structural and kinetic modelling
  • Seismicity
  • Regional geological interpretation
  • Projects in Molasse Basin and Jura Mountains

Contact:  Jon Mosar (


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University of Lausanne


Main geothermal research topics:

  • Rock physics,
  • Reservoir characterization

Contact: Klaus Holliger (



ETH Zurich


Main geothermal research topics:

  •  Numerical modeling of reactive multiphase transport of fluids and energy

  •  Numerical modeling of thermal, hydraulic, rock-mechanical and chemical (THMC) processes

  •  Heat flow investigations, exploration and modeling

  •  Laboratory (benchtop-scale) experiments of reactive transport and of rock mechanics processes

  •  Underground-laboratory experiments at the decameter scale of geothermal THMC processes

  •  Economics analyses (LCOE) of geothermal power plants

  •  Exploration for geothermal resources

  •  Induced seismicity monitoring

  •  Contactless drilling (for geothermal energy) research and development (electro-pulse drilling and flame-jet spallation drilling)

  •  Combining geologic CO2 storage with geothermal energy extraction

  •  Geothermal power plant modeling and design

  •  Deep to shallow geothermal systems research and development


Contact: Martin O. Saar (